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Jenrail 2000 Automatic

Increased automation of large-piece ironer lines

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  • Reduced soil sorting
  • Increased utilization of the ironer line
  • Double buffer line capacity
  • Optimum production


Reduced soil sorting

  • Reduced soil sorting thanks to automatic sorting into buffer lines after wash.


Increased utilization of the ironer line

  • Increased utilization of the ironer line thanks to a buffer of linen ready for feeding, eliminating micro-stops.
  • Increased feeding capacity possible by adding more loading stations.
  • Provides continuous supply of sorted linen to the ironer line.

Double buffer line capacity

  • Double buffer line capacity per rail meter thanks to the unique JENSEN Twin clamp.

Optimum production

  • Optimum production thanks to continuous flow of sorted linen, reducing the number of program changes. Increased automation requiring limited human intervention.