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The American laundry services company Halifax Linen Service Inc describes itself as “one of the largest ultramodern textile production facilities on the East Coast.”


The Panama City area has been severely hit by Hurricane Michael. We would like to share the following update with you regarding our operations in the USA:

Everyone loves to get a thick plush absorbent bathrobe when checking-in at a spa or a hotel. Most guests will believe that the bathrobe has been folded by the room maids, but fortunately for her and her colleagues, JENSEN has also automated this process. The Jenfold Butterfly Fox MF Duo automatically folds, stacks and sorts bathrobes of all kinds. Whether they are full length or knee length, with long or medium sleeves: the Jenfold Butterfly Fox MF Duo brings them into perfect shape and improves the logistics in the hospitality sector. And what’s more: this multifunctional automatic folding machine can feed bathrobes at one end, and towels at the other end of the machine at the same time!

Removing the dirty work in a laundry is a process that was not automated until a very short while ago. A dynamic and young group of laundry nerds in the Danish city of Odense found a solution for that. Inwatec’s automated soil sorting system minimizes the need for human interaction to quality control and surveillance, and consists of an X-ray machine and a learning system.


The Russian laundry group Blesk InCare is one of the most significant players in the laundry business in the world’s largest country. Every month approximately 5,000 tons of textiles and mats are processed on their six industrial laundries in Russia and Ukraine. This summer will be even busier than usual thanks to the football World Cup Finals.

Yunnan is a diverse province in the south of China offering everything from snowcapped mountains to lush jungles, which are infused with a variety of cultural influences from Tibetan to Thai. Its perfect weather and spicy cuisine have made it an increasingly popular Chinese tourist destination, additionally generating a large and ever-growing demand for high-quality laundry. Several JENSEN partners have benefited from China’s recent growth in tourism, one in particular being Yunnan’s Kunming Kangjie.


All JENSEN service engineers regularly participate in trainings that are set up by our factories. Thanks to the JENSEN Academy, our customers can continue to rely on the comprehensive support offered by the JENSEN service teams. The most recent JENSEN Academy took place in Mallorca, right after our successful customer event «JENSEN Performance Days»


Our added value for the premiere of the JENSEN Performance Days


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