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The new UVClean system (pat. pend.) in JENSEN tunnel washers prevents bacterial growth in double drum sections automatically and without any chemical supply – it is the most natural, most ecological and most efficient way of eliminating germs and bacteria. And what’s more: contrary to chemical methods, bacteria cannot become resistant to UV radiation. Once again, the JENSEN engineering team has come up with a simple, yet innovative way to add value to our customer’s laundries.


Our new Katana folder launched at this year’s Clean Show in New Orleans is working at full speed and full satisfaction in Italy.

Our longstanding customer Chi-ma is impressed about the quality of the machine and is absolutely amazed over the folding quality.

Shaanxi Jinhe is one of the top laundries in Xi’an and even in all of China. Xi’an is an ancient capital of China, and has become a lively modern city as well as one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. Mr Huang Liping 黄立平 and Mrs. Chen Yuying 陈玉英, the talented couple behind this laundry. Their success story is one of a kind, combining smart laundry management with an athlete’s spirit and an artist’s touch!

We are very delighted with the outcome of the show which was probably one of the most exciting in our history. The many innovations that we brought to New Orleans utterly delighted both visitors and trade press.

The Clean Show is just around the corner: From June 20 – 23, we will exhibit our latest solutions for all sections of the laundry on booth #2621.

JENSEN launched its new ergonomic sorting platform at the Texcare International show in Frankfurt, in 2016. As it maximizes the laundry sorting volume, this ergonomic solution boosts the productivity in the sorting area. It also reduces work-related fatigue and increases operator performance. The first customer to immediately see the benefits of this new design was the largest French textile rental group in Europe and Latin America, Elis. Since then, the new ergonomic sorting platform has been installed in many laundries around the world.


Robots make laundries smarter and safer.

Even in modern industrial laundries, many routines and processes are still heavy, dirty, and potentially dangerous. Especially repetitive tasks often result in employees making mistakes; some of which can be extremely costly. Fortunately, the industry’s leaders recently focused on the development of new solutions such as robots, artificial intelligence and data management.


In the laundry business, and especially for JENSEN, productivity, efficiency and growth are vital key words. This is what interest laundry managers most; how they can grow their business, be more productive and efficient.

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