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The JENSEN-GROUP traces its origins back to a servicing and manufacturing company that was founded in 1937 on Bornholm, a Danish Island in the Baltic Sea. In 1960, Jørn Munch Jensen developed the first folding machine for heavy-duty laundries and began marketing the product worldwide.

Jørn Munch Jensen was dreaming of living an international life abroad that encouraged him to start his own business in the laundry industry. We can truly say that not only his personal life - and consequently his family's life - has become very international indeed, but also the alignment of our entire company. For the past decades, heavy-duty laundries around the globe turned to the JENSEN-GROUP, because they are convinced that we provide the best solutions: No-one has brought more innovation to our industry. And to make sure it stays that way, hundreds of JENSEN staff members on all continents are working hard on reliable and sustainable products.

Jørn Munch Jensen, 10.6.1932 - 21.6.2012

Merely 11 days before passing away, Jørn Munch Jensen could celebrate his 80th birthday together with his family and friends. We say goodbye to a fulfilled man, and thank him for being a loyal patron.

From the Baltic Sea to the World


Early Developments

Ejnar Jensen starts the company during a period of economic recession, as a repair shop for dairy equipment, on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.


Early Developments

Ejnar Jensen’s son Jørn Munch Jensen (1932-2012) starts working in the company.



From the Baltic Sea to the World

Jørn Munch Jensen is dreaming of living an international life abroad, and this encourages him to start his own business in the laundry industry.

The first folding machine developed by JENSEN is finished and installed at the Bornholm Laundry: The Combifolder changed the focus of the company, which resulted in the name JENSEN being synonymous with industrial laundries around the world.


From the Baltic Sea to the World

JENSEN has already sold 80 Combifolders abroad. In the mid sixties, the product range expands to encompass other areas, like feeders and ironers.



JENSEN introduces the revolutionary new Jenstack: the first stacker ever, JENSEN again adds to the wave of laundry automation. In the late sixties and early seventies, more industrial laundries emerge, and they need large heavy-duty machines to make their laundry process more efficient. JENSEN quality machines are among their favorites.


Growth through acquisition

The nineties are a decade of growth: JENSEN acquires AB Metric Interconveyor (garment handling systems), Futurail (monorail systems) and Senkingwerk.

Senking introduces JENSEN to a new complement product area. It breaks with an ageold strategy that JENSEN would never get wet and only offer finishing technology. Jørn Munch Jensen‘s words „we will never get wet“ are still quoted today - of course, with a twinkle in the eye.


Leadership through Innovation

The concept of cornerless feeding represents a major technological breakthrough.This method basically doubles the number of items which can be processed per operator as compared with traditional clamp feeding. The difference is that one simply feeds the hem side of linen into the feeding bill of our machines without the time consuming process of finding two corners.


The new Millennium

The new millennium marks a paradigm shift in the way society is expecting from technological solutions. The heavy-duty laundry industry is increasingly taking a responsible position in regards to environmental protection and is committed to pursuing long term energy strategies: a combination of saving money and saving our planet and its precious resources. Also JENSEN is committed to developing and manufacturing high-performing laundry equipment that minimizes the energy and water consumption, and these undertakings are grouped in the JENSEN CleanTech concept, launched in 2008.


Making the one-stop-shop approach complete

In 2015, JENSEN expands its current product portfolio with JENSEN stand-alone washer extractors (JWE) and tumbler dryers (JTD) for the washroom section of heavy-duty laundries. In 2016, the JENSEN-GROUP introduced JENSEN Barrier Washers (JBW).


Smart solutions for a successful future

The internet of things are opening up great new perspectives for heavy-duty laundries. In 2016, the JENSEN-GROUP and ABS join forces by forming a new company, Gotli Labs AG, with the aim of consolidating the data management in heavy-duty laundries. With the creation of Gotli Labs, a large dedicated organization with business experts, we confirm our focus on the development of innovative new solutions.


A look into the future

In the past decades, many machines and concepts have been developed with the performance of heavy-duty laundries in mind. What the rest of this century will bring to JENSEN is difficult to say, but it is clear that we will continue to always be a step ahead: with automation as a key to productivity, and with ecological product development for sustainable laundry automation.